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30 Ink Spills In 30 Days

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2/30 NaPoWriMo 2012

No rhyme
No reason
My thoughts
Not always appeasing

Mangled gems
Meshes in my head
I started a poem
And wrote two instead

Connected the dots
Upon on my wrist with a knife
Toast it up to suicide attempts
Now I’m brain damaged for life

Numb to the notion
Of life playing fair
So I now adjust to the motion
That obstacles will always be there

When the thoughts in my head
Finally stop screaming and subside
I wrote them I loved them
And would stay by their side

With raindrops on pillows
I swallowed my pride
I heard no one cry
The day that I died.

300 plus pain killers
And none of them worked
At least that’ what I thought
Till my body began to jerk

Two heart attacks later
A coma and life support
Truth is I remember nothing
I simple read my report

Memories now scattered
Hate that I forget things that really mattered
Yet it won’t let me forget being raped even battered

Remembering Spirits talking through people
& how all crowds I would dread
Miracles manifesting
And dancing with the dead

I know why I’m here
Why no matter what I would not die
I overcame all these life tragedies
So I could help others survive

I ran from my calling
And now it has caught up
Unbinding the holds of depression
I’m no longer stuck

So I apologize I’m erratic
Some call it Heretic talk
But truth is the world has me over enthused
Over stimulating my thoughts

My words at time ramble
My heart always sincere
But pay attention to the babble
There are crucial messages there

2/30 NaPoWriMo 2012
© 2012 Wizdom Inks, Inc


1/30 Warm Up

Wailings of injustice
New trend of suffering men
Gathering mass targets to march
To chant out witty slogans of,
"We got sold out,
Banks got bailed out.”

Determined to make a mark understood
To occupy hoodies and skittles by the million
As Zimmerman’s men bleach their hoods

They will outlast tempers simmered
Deaf ears hear our demand of justice undelivered

A good pair of boots is now crucial

Everyone’s a reporter, camera, cell phone, status updated in hopes they’ll be read
As projects by crooks going viral to paint the night red
We research the paper trail and decided now instead
The mutilation of thousands by children in no long worth being a treading thread

Endless cycles hinting to unravel
The world is sleep, claiming to be watching
Halfway activist becoming inactive when the camera disappears
We gather when angered but disburse out of fear

We waited 6 years after 41 shots
Just to hear one cop finally fired
The rest all left to retire
And complacent we stand
Each one happy with whatever ration you receive from “The Man”
Like one MLKJr Boulevard found in every hood across this here free land

We have to do better
Screaming our cries in EVERY which weather
"It’s been a long time coming"
But truth is a change has yet to come.

Willie Lynch freely passing love letters at congressional recess

With “plans how to hang
We’ll make them pay illegal taxes
Fight wars with no end
We’ll kill all them n——rs
Hunt Mexican skin
We tell them their different
Pull puppets to wins
Free standing elections
Loose gun law protections
Illuminati successions
We’ll make it symbolic
Hieroglyphic Masonic
We’ll ration their freedom
And laugh as we beat them ”

My brothers, my sisters
You All came from One

Let them not imprison your mind within the confusion of the law
United We Stand Yes!
But we must fix our flaws
Do more then write poetic scores,
Dressing militant for the people
But after hours we bore
Putting down our blow horns next to our petitioning pen
We need knowledge of self
We ARE more than mere men

We’re scholars,
we’re builders,
we’re parents,
and royal kin
But until we stand as ONE people,
dropping knowledge within

Teaching our true history to our youth
Bringing back pride in black skin
Filling them with tradition, morals and a fight for what’s right, Cultivativing spirits never to be silent except to move with precision
No bark and All bite

Until we as a people say Enough negotiations,
This is no time to bend!
Be steady now soldiers
Find strength  in the wind
Earth’s new sprint in rotation comes from the vibration
As Our Martyrs now sing
"This war’s just begun"    
Singing, ‘It’s been a loooooooong long time coming
but I knoooowwww a change gon come….”

-warming up- 1/30 NaPoWriMo 2012
©2012 Wizdom Ink, Inc.